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Kanye West Denies Porn Rumors

Despite the rumors, Kanye West will not be any Pornos players, reports the Industry Standard. An int... weiterlesen
26.1.09 10:22

Sneak Peek Kat Deluna Rides With Lil Wayne

It may be riding shotgun, but for his new single Unstoppable Kat DeLuna Lil Wayne allows its back up... weiterlesen
26.1.09 10:22

Womens Water Polo To Get Experience In First Game Of Year

Will be hovering around single digits, coach Adam Krikorian sees the tournament as a chance to get a... weiterlesen
26.1.09 10:22

Academy Awards Embrace The Unapologetically Gay Quot Milk Quot

Today, the fact that Milk has received eight nominations from Oscar academy, including best picture,... weiterlesen
26.1.09 10:22

Keith Urban Names Next Album

If the conditions are right, the music reflects the state of mind and the feeling of where I am in m... weiterlesen
26.1.09 10:22


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