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Keith Urban Names Next Album

If the conditions are right, the music reflects the state of mind and the feeling of where I am in my life. L album will be released at the end of March. L agenda Keith Urban album is titled Defying Gravity . Defying gravity is the text of a song in an album and that struck me right in the moment of a phrase that really defined the joyous, optimistic and uplifting spirit that seemed to show that while the album, he said in a statement.
26.1.09 10:22

Academy Awards Embrace The Unapologetically Gay Quot Milk Quot

Today, the fact that Milk has received eight nominations from Oscar academy, including best picture, it is significant and says a lot about where we are in our relationship, and level of comfort with the gay rights movement. In a word - improvement. It begins with an introduction of a fey Sean Penn as a political activist still unimplemented Harvey Milk. The night in question, he sa guy on the prowl for a link with another boy in the Grimy underground subways New York. Why? Director Gus Van Sant Milk is not an attempt to film, but it is openly, unapologetically gay.
26.1.09 10:22

Womens Water Polo To Get Experience In First Game Of Year

Will be hovering around single digits, coach Adam Krikorian sees the tournament as a chance to get a first season hot strip. Even if the outside temperature in Ann Arbor, Mich. The team will travel a very cold time to play in the annual Michigan Invitational, a tournament that the team has won a year ago, en route to their perfect season in 2008. Thanks to the indoor swimming pool, the UCLA women water polo team will be able to see his first action this weekend the year.
26.1.09 10:22

Sneak Peek Kat Deluna Rides With Lil Wayne

It may be riding shotgun, but for his new single Unstoppable Kat DeLuna Lil Wayne allows its back up. The eight-time Grammy nominated rapper shot the video in Brooklyn with the Dominican singer DeLuna Sophomore for his next album, Inside Out.The video premiere on her MySpace page on Friday. Rennie Dyball.
26.1.09 10:22

Kanye West Denies Porn Rumors

Despite the rumors, Kanye West will not be any Pornos players, reports the Industry Standard. An interview in which he argues West star in gay porn is denied. To the beginning of this week, a fake interview was published on the website, including rapper / singer Kanye West and writer David Watt, where Kanye said he presumably would have no problem making a bisexual porn..
26.1.09 10:22

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